c95a30f323a6b64397da0a9407335800_w0qc_6urq“I was first introduced to yoga about 5 years ago and after several hard classes I became hooked.  I, like most men, thought yoga would be easy….Forget That!  It is a total body workout that will leave you sweating and breathing hard.  I am a 68 year old Viet Nam Vet and a 27 year retired law enforcement officer and have been an active, athletic man all my life and felt I was in pretty good shape.  I didn’t realize how inflexible I had become over my many years.

Over the past 5 years I have been taking yoga classes on average two times a week, many weeks it is three or more.  I have become much more flexible as yoga is a full body workout which stretches and strengthens just about every muscle in your body.  It has also helped prevent some muscle soreness and has increased my energy level.  There also has been a significant improvement in my balance, extremely important for us seniors.  The coordination between movement and breathing really helps with the exercise itself along with the mental state of the participant.  It is a calming influence and a great help in reducing stress.

My recommendation to anyone, at any age, would be to try yoga and see if it doesn’t challenge you and leave you asking why you didn’t experience the many benefits of yoga sooner.  I would also suggest that you experience different yoga instructors as they are all unique in how they instruct and what types of yoga they teach.

Finally, I wish I would have experienced yoga much earlier in life as I would most assuredly be in better shape than I am now.  The two yoga instructors who have influenced me the most are here at A Hopeful Balance and they are Hope Stauffer Bucher and Ellen Sink with her expertise in yin yoga.  Both ladies have helped me improve my life through the practice of yoga. ”

-Rick Meyer/New Bern, NC
“I have taken classes with Hope, Ellen and Tonya and they are all wonderful and I leave class feeling centered and peaceful. Hope has always emphasized that Yoga is not competition and nobody is there to judge. I love that! I have also taken Hope’s cycling class. Hope brings Yoga to cycling with reinforcing proper posture.”

-Brenda Adams/New Bern, NC

“I attended Yoga class at A Hopeful Balance throughout my pregnancy. Hope was very knowledgeable in providing modifications for each trimester. I believe that through the breathing that Hope taught me and the practice of Yoga I delivered naturally a healthy baby boy. I will continue to attend Yoga with Hope to realign and regain the body I had before I got pregnant. Thanks Hope it was beautiful!”

   -Julee Anderson Age 39/New Bern, NC
“Hope is awesome and I love here classes. She challenges me and I can see improvement each time I go to class. Not only do I feel stronger but more flexible. I can even touch my toes and I have never been able to that until now. I love how she finds a way to connect to the people who come to her classes, gets to know their strengths and helps give them the confidence to achieve even more challenging postures. I have also appreciated that she is conscientious about technique and that postures are done properly.  Thanks Hope!”

-Maggie Dawn/New Bern NC

7 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I love yoga at A Hopeful Balance! This isn’t your regular flow that you may be used to at your gym. Hope challenges you to try new postures, techniques, and positions that you never thought you body was capable of! I have accomplished things here that I never thought I would be able to do. Thank you for the awesome yoga classes!
    ~ Amie

  2. I became enthrall end with yoga living up in DC after college. Moving back to my hometown of NB after living with great yoga studios was daunting, as I was afraid I could not find the same mental and physical well being in NB. A Hopeful Balance was a prayer answered for me. NB is a better place for this studio with its thoughtfully, creative teachers. Thank you, Hope!!

  3. I was in New Bern down from DC visiting family the weekend of June 13, and decided to continue my yoga practice with A Hopeful Balance’s Wakeup Yoga in Union Point Park. The class was terrific – everything from the setting in the pavilion by the river to the instructor Michelle to the other practitioners was fabulous. The practice was a very nice progression from more straightforward work to warm us up through to positions that normally aren’t available to me but that I was pleased to discover were there that morning. I will be sure to take another class when I’m next in New Bern!

  4. I’ve taken spin for over 20 years at different gyms in different cities, so I was not expecting anything “big” in a little town like NB. Boy was I wrong- David’s class is one of the best I’ve ever taken! He challenges you while making it fun. His music is awesome,too. I’m always surprised when he says “one more set” because it seems like we just started the class!

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