Studio Policy

244 1/2 Middle Street, Downtown New Bern Located on the second floor. Our door is located in-between The Black Cat & Tom’s Coins & Antiques. Stardust Gallery is also located upstairs with us.

Hello!!! Thanks for visiting our site!!! A Hopeful Balance offers classes that are gentle, flowing, difficult, hot, meditative & fun. A Hopeful Balance is more than just Yoga. We also offer Barre & Spinning classes. With more to come…

Entering the studio

Please keep mind when entering from the bottom of the stairs, sound carries. Please enter quietly. A massage may be in progress or class may by in savasana. Sign in at the computer. First timers , please come early and find the teacher and they will help you sign in. You can always sign in and pay online using the MINDBODY Connect App too)

If a class is in progress
When a class is in progress please do not interrupt the teacher while he/she are instructing for non emergency issues. Please make arrangement by calling us and setting up an appointment 252-633-1788. Preparing for a class is work. Pre-choreographed classes like spin & barre take hours of prepare before we teach it to our students. It takes a lot to be entertaining, funny, and likable…. all while trying to motivate our students to do things that will push them to make just one more turn on their bike or one more lunge at the barre.  We take our job seriously, because we want to give our students a great class. Most importantly it shows respect to the students in the class.


Please arrive early, 10-15 minutes, so that you are in the studio and checked in before class.
If you are late, it happens, please enter the room very quietly so you do not disturb the students and the teacher in class. If you are late be sure to check in, and take care of payment, if needed, prior to your leaving the studio.
Please do not enter the class if you are more than 10 minutes late.

Late canceling

While issues come up, please do not sign up for a class you do not plan to attend. Our policy is, you may do an early cancel Twelve hours prior to said class. NOTE: if it is a morning class, 5pm is the cut off. This enables others a chance to sign up for the class. If you late cancel on a package or drop in you will lose said class. If you have Autopay you will be charged a $15 late cancel fee.

Optimal Exercise Temperature

The ideal temperature for working out is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re exercising indoors, aim to keep the air temperature within this range. Personal preference varies to some degree, as some people sweat more than others during exercise, but 70 degrees F is the optimal temperature for most people, according to Gerald Endress, exercise physiologist and fitness director at the Duke University Diet and Fitness Center. In fitness centers or gyms where many people work out at the same time, using a personal fan during exercise can help heavy sweaters feel comfortably cool in a 70 degree F environment, says Endress.

Cell phones/valuables
Please do not use cell phones in the yoga studio.
Please leave your cell phone in the car or in your bag and make sure they are turned off.
We suggest that you do not bring any valuables into the yoga studio, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

We do not have daycare.

We are sorry but you can not leave children unattended. So unless your child is participating in the class, please make the appropriate arrangements.

Thanks again… look forward to seeing you in a class!
Much Gratitude! ~A Hopeful Balance Staff

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