Drop in $15

10 Class Pack $125 (good for one year)

Autopay $95 (minimum 4 month contract)

Private Class $55 ($10 each additional person)

Private Spa Yoga Class $250 (cost covers 10 students  additional students add $25 per person max 15)

Senior & Military Discounts
 Drop in $12
Autopay $85 (minimum 4 month Contract)
Only available at the studio, by calling 252-633-1788 or email us

Massage Michelle 

 Classic Swedish Massage combines 7 traditional techniques including tapping, kneading, long strokes, and stretching for a full-body massage that loosens joints, increases circulation, softens connective tissues, and relaxes muscles. Swedish Massage can be deep, moderate, or light depending on your needs and preferences. A growing body of clinical studies demonstrate that Swedish massage improves sleep, boosts immunity, and reduces pain of all kinds.

90 min / $90; 60 min / $60; 30 min/$30 

Therapeutic Massage addresses specific soft-tissue-based problems, including pain, cramping, reduced mobility, stiffness, etc. using deep tissue, myofascial releasing techniques, trigger point, stripping, and stretching.

90 min/ $95.0060 min / $65; 30 min / $35

Couples Massage Starting at $130


In order to make things easier for our clients that would like to visit us, in person at the studio with questions regarding their accounts, setting up packages, a tour of the studio, pick up a gift card or simply have questions about classes you can make an appointment online under Client Assistance. below is a link to a step by step on where to find this on our website. You can also call 252-633-1788 or email hope@ahopefulbalance.com



18 thoughts on “Rates

  1. I’m trying to get some information about your yoga classes. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. My knees are terrible. Do you suggest any particular class for clients with limitations? I have taken a few yoga classes a few years ago at another location, and I felt great! My medical condition now has become a bit more complex. I know just just need to move and get back into some activities. What do you suggest? I prefer indoor classes, if possible.

  2. I would like to buy the $75 autopay membership but it is not showing up under the membership purchase options.

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