Important info on Teacher Training

Need more information not provided below regarding the upcoming teacher trainings? Sheryl Light will be at A Hopeful Balance on Saturday May 20th and Sunday May 21st. Email us to set up an appointment.

Know you want to do the training? There will be two opportunities to sign up. Friday June 2nd at 6:45pm and Saturday June 3rds at 10:45am please sign up online.

If you are interested and you can not make please call us
252-633-1788 or email usslide02


200 hour 300 hour
Yoga teacher training’s 200 hour and 300 hour info

200 hour training dates

The world today is in the midst of monumental changes. There are gems from the past that can help us navigate the way, but we need an approach that is fully suited to the present. Open Studio’s contemporary, practical, and non-dogmatic format helps illuminate the path. We continually strive to discover and distill the essential truths and principals from the mire of superstition and ideology.

Join the RYT staff from Open Studio, and visiting specialty instructors to deepen your personal practice and embark on the a path of service by taking the seat of teacher. Open Studio’s 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Trainings is available to anyone sincerely interested in expanding his or her practice and knowledge with or without the desire for certification.
Teaching Methodology
Anatomy & Physiology
Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics
Business of Yoga
Foundations of cadence
Teaching to all levels
Feedback and coaching through Community Classes that offer our training graduates a safe, supportive stage on which find their voice.
Minimum of 10 students accepted- sign up in advance to reserve a spot.
Candidates must have at least 1 year of dedicated practice experience.
$500 due with application for the teacher-training program. Funds will be applied to tuition.

300 hour teacher training starts in January 2018

The 300-hour teacher training program from Open meets advanced standards of study.
A 300-hour advanced training is designed to build upon and deepen the trainee’s understanding of the fundamental concepts of teaching yoga that are generally taught at the 200-hour level. A 300-hour advanced training prepares its trainees to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, more detailed, and/or more subtle, and the training enables them to teach with greater skill than could reasonably be expected of a RYT 200. This advanced-Level Program is based on a three-fold investigation of yoga: exploring the practice through the body, mind, and heart.
This program is designed for:
Trainees who have already completed the 200-hours.
Trainees who complete the 300-hour training in addition to completing RYS 200 training AND teach for 100 hours upon completion of the 200-hour training to become RYT 500s.
Students with substantial qualified practice hours with our lead instructors.
Concentrating on self-development and finding the student’s right alignment in both body and life, this advanced-level program is designed to help teachers enhance their teaching skills as well as develop their own personal understanding of yoga. It is equally appropriate for the serious student of yoga who does not plan to teach, but wants to delve deeper into a yoga practice.
In this comprehensive training, our key topics will include:
* Yoga Philosophy
* Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
* Teaching Themes & Sequencing
* Asana Review
* Adjustment Techniques
* Sanskrit
* Teaching Targeted Audiences
* Advanced Pranayama
* Hands on Assisting
* Therapeutics -Working with Injury & Common Ailments
* Independent Study
To view our curriculum please visit and search Open Studio NC
Our 300-hour training is designed to provide a deeper understanding of a broad spectrum of yoga practices. It also supports the students’ investigation into specialty areas of interest to them. Students will be taught how to more effectively communicate and teach the ideas and practices of yoga, and will also have the opportunity for ongoing mentorship and study with our faculty.
Our base curriculum covers a broad spectrum of the practice of yoga, emphasizing both practice and teaching skills. Trainees deepen their knowledge and refine their skills by participating in elective workshops and intensives. Trainees will work with a mentor who they will have regular discussion and private tutorial sessions.
General Pre-requisites
Applicants wishing to teach after completing our 300-hour advanced teacher training are required to have successfully completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training course, and are required to have been teaching for at least one year.
Those wishing to take the training purely to advance their own practice must have been practicing for at least 3 years and should provide a letter of recommendation from their primary teacher.
Further Certification and Yoga Alliance Registration
Students who complete the course successfully will receive certification of graduation from Open Studio.
To qualify for an RYT 500 registration, students must previously have completed a Yoga Alliance-approved RYT 200-hour training program.
TUITION: $3,500

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