Friendship shouldn’t be a sticky commodity

Friendship shouldn’t be a sticky commodity

718c0a42eeb0b8e2e92699f9508dadf6At times in your life a story that someone tells you will influence the way you handle situations. This is one of those stories for me. I had a friend in a toxic friendship. They would have their ups and downs. When things were good they were very good. However when things were bad they were really bad. Neither person was better than the other, but together they were toxic. The two met while performing. My friend was on stage singing during a dress rehearsal. There was somebody in the front row on their phone texting and just being disrespectful. She went Patti LuPone on them. After it was all over she heard a voice say “they had it coming” and that is how she met her toxic friend. They shared everything with each other all their secrets and dreams. They knew each other’s buttons and how to push them. Which brings me to the symmetrical end of these two friends. My friend was performing in a show in which she was the lead. It was opening night and she gave a really great performance. Someone approached her afterwards and said I can’t believe how well you were able to keep it together… I saw your friend, sitting 4th row center, and she was on her phone texting the entire time. Lucky for her she didn’t even notice, she was in the zone. I remember her saying how much she cared for her friend, but the two of them where not good together.

After hearing the story I reevaluated some of my own toxic friendships. Currently I have an awesome squad my life that are supportive and keep me grounded. To those toxic friends I had let go, there is goodness there, but that goodness is just not meant for me.

(in case you do not know who Patti LuPone is… there you go)

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