Season Change Mood Change

Pulling Out of the Fall Funk

Ugh.  That is the best word to describe how I have been feeling for the last two plus weeks. I feel like a slug …. After work I have found myself doing little more than laying around watching TV or on my computer and ingesting things I have no business eating. I have a feeling, after talking to others, I am not the only one. It may be the change in the season or SAD. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) it is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons. So as we approach the time change I am working hard to improve my mood and be ready by November 6th. (Which seems late this year – Right?) I spent some time looking at a couple articles I wanted to share. First, and most important. I need to improve on what I am taking in to fuel my body. I also did not think it could hurt to look up mood enhancing foods. BTW I have tried chocolate in mass quantity… that is not necessarily one that works. Just saying. What else can I do to improve my mood…I have found a article 10 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Funk. Exactly what I am looking for. (I am doing #3 –RIGHT NOW- check) Hope this helps those of you feeling like me. Have a happy day!!



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red autumn in the park
red autumn nature in the czech park

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