Couple Massage Workshop Saturday June 25th

Coming in late June 25th 6pm Early Bird Special $75 (ends June 6th)
Couple Massage Workshop with Fidel
Transform the way you and your partner connect!10409122_10153017398847507_7376666213334563338_n
When you learn how to give the perfect massage to you’re loved one, without getting tired, you literally have the power in your hands. Fidel instructions guide you through step-by-step approach to working out the kinks and the way the experts do it while enhancing the way you connect with each other.
What happens on the day
You will learn the Massage Yoga Fusion techniques that show you exactly where and how to massage your partner without stressing. By the end of the class. This is a hands-on workshop and give you the tools you need to recreate and build on your experience at home.
Build intimacy and connection
Picture it: dim lights, scented candles, soft music. Just add massage and Fidel’s instructions and suddenly you’ll be giving the most delicious back rub to your partner. Want more? We’ll provide the wine – all the essentials for the perfect date night and stress relief from a hectic day
2.5 hours of fun!

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