A Hopeful Balance, New Bern North Carolina
June 4, 2016
12 noon – 5 pm

“A circle of women can provide a container for emergence in a way that a woman alone or even a one to one relationship cannot…..Witnessing each person’s direct knowing of her truth, we can be empowered to live our own.” The Feminine Face of God

This intergenerational class will provide a safe environment to explore what is sacred to us, what influences shape our spiritual development and how we can authentically express our spirituality in the busyness of daily life. We will use storytelling, music, poetry, prose and the power of sitting in communion with other women as portals to look deeper into our spiritual lives. The intention of the class is to create stronger connection with yourself, the divine (however you define it) and with the community of women sharing this experience

“Heather’s women’s spirituality workshop was well organized and included group time as well as time for personal introspection. But, the main benefit of the day was that she facilitated a group of women who were searching to find a connection to the Divine and did so with grace and acceptance of each woman’s journey. Along the way those of us in the group began to bond and are now planning to continue as a women’s circle”. Beth Glass

“Heather has a calm, strong, caring way about her. She created a safe and supportive space for our circle of women, with open hearts we spoke and with open hearts we listened. In the sharing came more understanding of ourselves and others”. Kathryn Garcia

“The workshop was a safe environment to discuss our feelings about spirituality. We shared our thoughts about our own connection with the divine. It was wonderful and made me feel more alike then different.” Chris Doty
Registration and payment deadline – May 25
Limited to 12 participants
You may pay using your credit card by clicking on Store or contact Heather to mail a check
*Contact Heather to facilitate a personalized
Women’s Spirituality Workshop for you and your friends*


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