BootyFit starts April 4th

Bootcamp Classes for Women
4 week session April 4th – April 28th $120
Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays @ 5:45am
30-40 min class
Please pre-register

ABOUT BootyFit Training Company:

Tara Johnson is the Owner/Operator of BootyFit Training Company, boot camp fitness for women. She brings years of fitness experience as a Certified Trainer, as well as having played College volleyball and many competitive sports; basketball, rugby, track and field, hockey and beach volleyball.

Why do BootyFIT??

Heather Bess
I’m not a “group” exerciser but I decided to try Booty Fit after hearing great things about the program. I’m in my second full week and I am finding myself surrounded by supportive women, an excellent training coach, a challenging workout, and an amazing feeling after every workout. We are all at different levels of physical ability but never do I feel bad or weak…. But instead getting stronger.

Katie VanVoorhees
Only started Bootyfit Training a week ago and I LOVE IT!! The workouts are different every day and by the time you feel like you can’t go anymore the class is over! Tara has modifications for every single exercise so you don’t get discourage AND you have something to build towards!!
Angela Desmond
Never get bored with the wide variety of badass workouts.

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